Development Insights has provided effective training to its clients for years, including clinical site training developed from study-specific documents and procedures. Particularly for trials with a large number of sites or sites in multiple regions, we have found that traditional training approaches can be both costly and difficult to effectively document. We have developed an innovative solution through our collaboration with a top eLearning company, Skye Multimedia.

Our eLearning training solution provides:

  • Synchronous web-based training, allowing expedited site initiation and training on amended clinical documents
  • Consistent delivery of message to all clinical site team members, including inevitable staff changes
  • Complete documentation of training for each individual, including performance metrics, provided through hosting or integrated into your learning management system (LMS)
  • Our experienced clinical team at Development Insights creates training content using your clinical documents combined with appropriate industry regulations and guidance. Scenario-based interactive exercises further reinforce messaging and training retention. This novel training and interactive testing model also documents the effectiveness of the training for each participant and site.

    An interactive demo of this training solution can be accessed at:

    To find out more, contact: Erik Anderson, Vice President, Business Development or (508) 843-3314